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hylife vol. 32 – January 2009

What’s going down all my peoples around the world??!!??!!

I hope life is treating you well and you’re treatin’ it well as well.

Big love to you all for the new year…
Get your ’09 on…
Glad ya made it :o)
—may good new things come to you.

2008 was quite an epic year.
A flash rehash of some hylights:
-I graduated and got a masters from school.
-Played a good amount of shows….
But the best one was:
I played music for 300 dancing children in Agua Blanca, Cali, Colombia. Hella live!
—That was the best beat-boxing I ever did.

Give thanks.

I did the score for a soon to be released short United Nations film.
Got Creative.
In 2008 I learned that life and the human body are frikkin’ fragile.
I also learned some new dance moves in ‘08.
!Get some moves in ’09 son!!

In Oakland CA, it’s January, and it feels like summer. True.

The world is changing.

To the many tribes and nations and families around the world.
All the babies born and brewing, all the folks who passed on.
Big love for ’08
And in ’09 get your shine on.

Be on the lookout for!>>>

“Sex in the M*rning”

Sacred Erotic
A way to begin the new day
I said new.
New breath.
New music coming.
The new album,
just for you.
…and anyone else you think would enjoy too.

From a beautiful sunny day with the blue skies and the green mountains of the East Bay.
That’s all I’m saying shalomey homeys.

One love, sayonara, salaam, shalom, adios, namaste,
(70 degrees in January in The Town!)

Available on iTunes

*Hyim is a formidable talent…spellbinding.
–San Francisco Chronicle

*California Music Awards Nominee

*Yamaha Artist

*KFOG Local Scene Artist

*Pretty as hell, thoroughly uplifting.
–East Bay Express

*Hyim’s music holds a rare gravity, & it is clear that he possesses a grand vision.
–Relix Magazine

*This multi-talented singer-songwriter is a natural: original, honest, timeless.
–Owl Magazine

Please contact Linda Yelnick, manager, for info & booking: leahhaifa@gmail.com
(650) 692-1763