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From an iTunes review of Hyim’s new Album Love Songs In Times of War (Volume 1)

“Superlative” by Thirteen72

This album is far from being a collection of love songs, it is the Story of Love in all it’s forms. From a sheltering harbor to a provocative wave, the progression of these songs flood the senses. Hyim has captured not only the sound but the pulse of love itself. It is clear, after taking in the entirety of Volume 1, that his inspiration was the beauty of the human spirit. In velvet tones, Hyim sings light that shines on a place where we are all the same.

From a Couple of Facebook Fans:

Thank you for sharing your gift of music. I discovered you through Facebook and have been actively sharing my love of your music. I am a northern Ca native, but travel extensively for work – proud to share your music with everyone! You send such a positive message and create a true “feel good” moment. Thank you for bringing light to my day and for sharing your gift! Blessings

Hyim may be famous for his amazing musicianship, humanitarianism and his chaining himself up (with dog of course) in Oakland, but I love him for his insightful reviews of my son when he was his religious school teacher. Those “reports” are some of my most treasured possessions and show him to be able to see into the souls of people; an amazing skill to have.

From a “Sunny Day” YouTube Fan:

One San Francisco Native 2 Another
70’s Community may have faded away
Change grew into challenge of today
Hyim heart song will always be my Sunny Day

*An emerging talent worthy of the designation of world musician.
–Village Voice Media, NYC

*I am appreciating the music, the vocals, the creative, flowing lyrics, and the positive intention and social change vision effortlessly included in HYIM’s work.
–Miles Hurwitz, DeliRadio.com

*HYIM’s music is so fresh, complex, yet so easy to understand. Brilliant!  
–Joel M. Quigley Emcee & Artist Relations House Band Wines

Hyim, Hyim and the Fat Foakland Orchestra (self-released): Like the most capable fusionistas, San Francisco singer-songwriter-piano man Hyim Ross juggles the sounds on the world’s streets — Cuban tres guitar, New Orleans second-line brass, hip-hop bounce — to achieve a style as unique as it is invigorating. Hyim’s Orchestra includes a shamelessly tight rhythm section and an expanded palette of strings, horns and massive percussion, but what really shines on his second self-released album is the songwriting. Lyrically and compositionally, Hyim’s deft blend of humor and pathos, experience and optimism, reveals an emerging talent worthy of the designation of world musician. (Check ’em out if you like Paul Simon, Peter Gabriel, Manu Chao.) — Houston Press – New Times, Inc.

Hyim really is a one-man band, making his own percussion, instrumental and vocal tracks right in front of us. He plays music from all over the world. He is brave and real and an extraordinary talent who makes hits–what else can we say?

— Bread and Roses

Hyim is a Volunteer Bread and Roses Performer

With a soulful delivery that sometimes recalls Sting from the days fronting The Police, the vocalist and gifted keyboard player shifts easily from confessional introspection to funk drenched exhortation backed by the fluid support of his Fat Foakland Orchestra.

— David Pehling, KTVU 2- Entertainment

Hyim, Hebrew for “life”, self-produced his debut Let Out a Little Peace, a soul-stirring expression of his dedication to global unity through music. It’s a pendulum of styles and feelings, swinging between sunny mento rhythms, spiraling Cuban son, urgent hip-hop manifestos, and pensive balladry?quite a sweeping achievement for a first outing. Though the album sports several ecstatic party-starters, its most striking aspect is its profound emotional depth. Hyim’s music holds a rare gravity…and it is clear that he possesses a grand vision.

— Relix Magazine

Hyim is just one of those rare talents that defy description and reference. He’s a sage with soul, a funkster with heart, a loose thougtht on a keyboard, with a hat tipped to the greats of soul, blues, jazz, and funk.
 Justin Goldberg, Principal & Owner, Measurement Arts, LLC

The Hyim experience is soulful and uplifting, an infectious blend of rock-your-body funk and heartfelt vocals.

 SF Weekly Music Awards

Hyim is a formidable talent…a hippie child who grew up hip-hop, his music smoothly assimilates such disparate sources as Jamaican reggae, Cuban son, Mediterranean beats and urban DJ techniques.

— Joel Selvin, Datebook, SF Chronicle

The ever-evolving eclectic maestro, Hyim’s “urban world beat” shines with such sundry rhythms as Brazilian, hip hop, Cuban son, pop rock, brilliant balladry, and jazz.
 Malina Sarah Saval, The Forward, New York

The live experience of Hyim & the Fat Foakland Orchestra is an incredibly uplifting and well-rounded celebration. Spanning generations and ethnicities, the band brings a seasoned, well-developed sense of timing that’s kicked into high gear by pure youthful exuberance. To watch them cooperate to build their monster groove is absolutely invigorating, and once they unleash the funky beast it’s impossible to stand still. Hyim at the helm is clearly in love with every member of the audience, and not afraid to show it. A nimble keysman and impassioned vocalist, he brings in the crowd with both his musical prowess and instantly likable around-the-way demeanor. Do your soul a favor and get a refresher when they come around.

— Jonathan Zwickel, of the S.F. Bay Guardian

Oakland’s Hyim & The Fat Foakland Orchestra continued their ascent to the major leagues with a Main Stage gig that highlighted the band’s newer material. Last year’s Let Out a Little Peace was easily one of the best debuts from this side of the map, a brilliant, emotional mix of calypso, jazz hip-hop, Latin, and funk all bound by Hyim’s soulful vocals and warm positivity. The band’s energized, early afternoon set featured many songs I didn’t recognize but that left a deep, lasting impression. And while Hyim is certainly a masterful keys player and charismatic front man, his band is perfectly able to keep the beat sweet behind his freewheeling b-boy antics. The connection between drummer Michael Faiella and bassist Mark Calderon was almost extrasensory-they’re a couple young guys but it’s clear they’ve been laying down funk for years. Keep an eye out for this band-they’ll blindside you with the goodness if you don’t.

— Jambase.com review of High Sierra Music Festival performance

Say “yes” to Hyim! Infectious, this talented singer-songwriter, pianist and poet, is a master of soulful minimalism and his words seem to spill out effortlessly and endlessly.

— Critic’s Choice, North Bay Bohemian

Hyim’s mix of backyard barbecue mix of funk, jazz, hip-hop, and emotive piano balladry tends to enrapture people. His more recently formed backing band, the Fat Foakland Orchestra, is packing East Bay clubs and scoring an Outstanding Jam Band nomination from the California Music Awards. Phish’s demise has created a vacuum — this dude could easily fill it.

— Rob Harvilla, East Bay Express

I very much appreciate his generous spirit in giving back to the youth of the Bay Area who so need his positive inspiration.

— Marian Hubler, Producer & Public Relations Liaison, Bread and Roses

An originator …those who caught his S.B. live shows know that this guy and his Fat Foakland Orchestra are on to something quite special.

— Santa Barbara Independent

The young Oakland native puts a contemporary spin on jazz, Latin and Caribbean styles, giving them a fun and funky downtown edge, which Hyim himself describes as “urban world beat.”

— S.F. Examiner

To life! Oakland native Hyim seems worldly beyond his years. His debut album, Let Out a Little Peace (Family Productions), is laden with stylistic juxtapositions that in less-talented hands might self-negate into triteness but here add up to an insightful, introspective elegy on the tragic beauty of modern life. Romantic solo piano pieces like “Microphone Preacher” and “Angel Ronnie” rub up tenderly against ecstatic, full-ensemble celebrations like “Let Me Go,” “Puff Puff Pass,” and the epic, instantly classic title track. This blend of pathos and humor, soulful voice and mournful piano, and urban grief and folk optimism makes for a very inspiring listen. Add in poetic, socially conscious lyrics set against a frequently lush and exotic backdrop of Cuban son, calypso, blues, hip-hop, and rock, and it’s hard to deny the almost spiritual spell Hyim (Hebrew for “life”) weaves into his music. <Live> he’s backed by The Fat Foakland Orchestra, which includes Afro-Caribbean percussion, drums, horns, and bass.

— S.F. Bay Guardian

On “Let Out A Little Peace” Oakland native Hyim invites you into his eclectic musical world and it’s a doozy of a journey. Inside you will find piano ballads, love songs and world music explorations all woven together with an articulate pop song craft. Imagine the eclectic vision of Manu Chao coupled with the voice of a young passionate Sting. Absolutely mesmerizing and memorable. Hyim invites you to let out a little peace with him.

— Royce Oz, Ear Witness

…His ability to speak to the human experience is powerful. His music is full of passion and depth and makes us all feel our own joy, humor, love, and sadness. In the process, he refreshingly reminds us what music is about — he moves us and connects us with each other! He is a luminous talent who I want to grow with in this album and whatever is next.

— Elan Masliyah, Rainmaker Media

I am interested in joining the mailing list to hear what Hyim is doing. We will definitely check him out next time he comes to town. Thanks to the KFOG Local Scene CD for introducing us. Thanks. It’s a great disc.

— A FAN – from a PayPal Order

Hyim – Thank you for putting together one of the best all around albums I have heard in a long long time. This CD was the theme music for my group trip last September. This CD is being sung by my 2 1/2 yr old son when he’s in the car. They are gifts. I’m giving them out to co- workers and friends. It feels very good to give these away. Have a blessed New Year. Keep writing and singing.
— A FAN – bought 12 Hyim and The Fat Foakland Orchestra CDs 1-06

Hyim at Camp Sweeney
Date: October 20. 2010
Host: Carolyn Gauthier

Essence Story by Carolyn Gauthier:

One of the most challenging populations that Bread & Roses serves is Juvenile Offenders. Camp Sweeney in Alameda County is where young men who have been convicted of non-violent crimes serve out their sentences. It is a low security facility with housing and a school campus. Some are there full time, some get to go home on weekends. Most all of them are unhappy.

Singer/songwriter Hyim is a native of Oakland and has seen his share of the street scene. He confided to this audience that his father was shot and killed. He asked how many of them knew someone who had been murdered and more than half raised their hands. Hyim gave them a message that was inspiring and crystal clear: violence is not the answer; make good choices; surround yourself with people who will support your personal evolution.

The music was the thread that held it all together. Hyim plays a mix of styles from all over the world. One song was a combination of Colombian and Klezmer. From Reggae to Roots to Rock, Hyim brought his original sound into focus and engaged the audience. At one point he had the guys singing with him, “If you are what you say you are, a superstar…” He asked them for 3 words and he incorporated them into an improvised song with a positive message.

This was a very powerful performance to witness. Hyim explained what Civil Disobedience is and gave the example of when he personally chained himself to a city bench to protest government spending on wars. He finished off the set with a calm song “Babylon” and an important quote to remember from martial artist Bruce Lee, “The blow not thrown is the strongest blow.”

Bread & Roses is a non-profit agency which brings hope and healing through live music to people in isolated circumstances in the San Francisco Bay Area. Founded in 1974 by Mimi Fariña, Bread & Roses is an arts organization with a human services mission. Offices are located in Corte Madera, California. Visit www.breadandroses.org for more information about the agency.

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The Questionnaire: Daniel Jordan
Monday 11 January 2010
In our fortnightly feature, we quiz the great and good of the snowsports world. This week, discover things you never knew about… Daniel Jordan
Dan is the Membership Manager for the Ski Club of Great Britain
10. What iPod tune for a chairlift? Hot (Live @ Digs) – Hyim and the Fat Foakland Orchestra. You’ll thank me later.


Delfin Vigil
Click HERE to read the full interview

…….. …..I am really enjoying Hyim’s music and will introduce friends to his beautiful artistry. I look forward to having him on the tour again next year!

– Lynnette Najimy, FODfest Tour Manager

Hyim continues to celebrate the life of Daniel Pearl with a show every October during Daniel Pearl Music Days.

Living–and Loving–Life with Hyim
Jaime Bolker
February 2008

Only in the San Francisco Bay Area would you find two reggae lovin’ Jews, chowin’ down on vegan food and discussing music, the world, love, life and poetry. This was the scene for my interview with musician Hyim. Described as “a young, poetic Peter Gabriel, a male Norah Jones, Manu Chao, a piano-playing Ben Harper, Michael Franti and Sting in The Police days,” Hyim is really like no one you’ll ever meet. He speaks in a quiet, soothing voice and takes a moment to really think about what he wants to say, so it’s clear he’s really dedicated to changing the world for the better. This interview is just a taste of what he’s all about, but if you find yourself hungry for more, check out his website at www.hyimvibe.com and enter to win (contest over) one of five autographed copies of his newest album, Hyim and the Fat Foakland Orchestra.

click here to read the entire interview

Hyim’s Moving Pictures on NBC11 News is scheduled to air Thursday, April 26th at 11:00 pm and then again on April 27th at 10:00 am and 6:00 pm. One of the reasons for moving the air date up is because of the tragedy at Virginia Tech. Hyim’s message of non-violence needs to be heard NOW more than ever.”

Michelle Toy, Producer for NBC11 News
Bay Area Program Spreads Peace Through Music

Who The Hell Is Hyim


Interview By:
Candice Mays

Bay Area artist Hyim (pronounced: “high-eem”) is a critically acclaimed singer-songwriter, a producer, a poet, and a tireless campaigner for human rights. His album Hyim and the Fat Foakland Orchestra was given major kudos by writer Candice Mays (see reviews section). Recently, Hyim agreed to give provocative answers to Candice’s probing questions.

Click here to read the entire interview.

Hyim and the Fat Foakland Orchestra

Rating: (5 out of 5)

Genres: Funk, Jazz/Urban Jazz, Rap/Hip Hop, Singer/Songwriter

Original and honest are the first words that come to mind after hearing the music of Hyim, the multi-talented singer-songwriter from San Francisco, and his new album Hyim and the Fat Foakland Orchestra. This is music from the soul made with talented musicians, unique instrumentations and refreshing arrangements. Hyim explores the avenues of latin, hip-hop, jazz and funk music with some middle-eastern overtones in a cohesive fusion that feels surprisingly natural. This album sheds the confines of genre and could be filed under the label “good music.” The album opens with “Sunny Day,” a celebratory song reminiscent of Ozomatli with a full horn section and percussion made for your boom-box on the beach or your car stereo on your way to a weekend getaway. There is also a dub version of the song at the end of the album. On “Change A Come,” Hyim creates a mellow electronic groove that has a timeless beat and thought provoking lyrics. A song that you can’t help but bob your head to, “I Lay My Heart” is another lyrical gem and a love song that is bound to render an emotional response from the listener. There are 15 quality songs on this album providing music for any mood or occasion. Hyim, the self-proclaimed “eclectic maestro,” has made it tough for any naysayers with this album. Musicians and music lovers alike will thoroughly appreciate this effort.
– Craig Van Dyke

HYIM and The Fat Foakland Orchestra

“It was great talking to you today Linda, and hopefully we will be able to get Hyim out here. I’ve heard great things about him, and some students asked me to invite him. They had seen him play. It would be cool if he could come down here for our first annual Earth Day Music and Arts Festival.” …..”Welcome aboard!”
Joshua White
Otter Student Union Programming Chair
California State University, Monterey Bay

“The music was just great and the students really enjoyed it — both times!” Hyim coming up a few days earlier for a solo “noon time teaser” outside was very cool. Having the band on Friday night for a full 2 hour show was awesome. Thank you so much — really, really great!”
Katie O’Neill, Programming Assistant
Associated Students Productions
Sonoma State University

“Hyim was very easy going and very enjoyable to work with. He put on a great outdoor concert at the UC Santa Cruz campus for our Hillel and everyone had a great time grooving and dancing to the tunes. The music was upbeat, funny, original, with wonderful feelings and words. So much fun!”
Shalom Bochner, Executive Director
Santa Cruz Hillel

Santa Rosa Jr. College:
“Hyim was perfect for our event. His vibe and sound were the right mix for our event. I’m glad we could make it work. I will keep him in mind for anything else we do in the future.”

“Hyim and his Orchestra provided the perfect musical atmosphere for our inaugural student orientation event. Not only were they easy to work with, but they had a groove that appealed to all audiences in our community college setting. Hyim’s music with a message is the type of entertainment that all colleges should covet.”
Robert Ethington, Director of Student Affairs and New Student Programs, Santa Rosa Junior College
“Thanks again for making this work,” R.

“Thanks very much for performing for us here at San Francisco State University! The students were talking about you all and singing your praises this morning. It’s very difficult to get our students on their feet and you managed to win them over in grand style! Congratulations! Hope we can have you back here next semester or in ’07!!!”
Alison Victor
Depot Entertainment Manager

U of OR (from a couple of students):
“Hyim performed with ease and grace as he and the audience boogied down. He let a couple people on stage with him to drum (who had never played with him before) and he encouraged audience members to play instruments as well, which some did. The people who came to the show were glad they did and they said Hyim sounded like nothing they’ve heard before.” “I liked Hyim’s enthusiasm and passion for the music he was playing. His musical spirit got me into the spirit as well, and that made for a more enjoyable experience. There were times in the performance where I couldn’t help but move my body, and Hyim was right there with me, shaking his groove thang on stage.”
Jonah Schrogin
UO event organizer, graduate ’06

U of WA:
“It was a great pleasure to meet Hyim. The students really enjoyed meeting him and he seemed to enjoy working with them as well. I look forward to working with you to bring him back here next year, maybe with his band and also for a session on Conflict Resolution.”
Phillip J. Hunt Jr.
Senior Adviser Student Activities

“Hyim’s chill attitude and passionate singing and playing was the perfect combination for a sunny Earth day celebration in Seattle. He got people up and grooving with his chunky guitar rhythms and melodic voice and really made a celebration of the Earth a celebration with a capital C! Thanks for EVERYTHING Linda!”
Erinn Unger
Coordinator, UW Earth Week

Evergreen State University:
“Hyim was such a cool guy — I really liked him and his performance.” It was great that he was able to be here for Earth Day — we all enjoyed him. I’ll be back here in the fall, so we can talk about bringing him back — solo or maybe w/his band. Thank you!”
David Hornbeck
Chapter Chair — Event Coordinator

UC Davis
Press (before an upcoming show):
“Hyim & his band, The Fat Foakland Orchestra, will be getting crunk…”
California Aggie