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hylife vol. 33 – July 2009

What’s up all my peoples from around the world??!?!?!?!!!
I hope this summer is treating you well.

I wanted to let you know that the ELATION video is now online in both High Definition and Standard Definition. Write a comment, give a rating, and enjoy.
Here is the link again:

also on Vimeo:

The song ELATION (Morning Remix), the first single from the album, Sex In The Morning, is available online for download as well:

It will be on iTunes and other online stores in a week or so.

Here is a description of the song as well as Sex In The Morning (due out in late Summer):
Elation Description:
Elation, the first single from HYIM’s album, Sex In The Morning (an exploration of the sacred erotic), brings the listener an infectious groove, superlative piano playing, and a superb vocal delivery that carries you into a euphoric dreamscape. The song personifies elation– tells a story of our human relationship with the ecstatic experience, leading the listener on a journey of crescendos and peaks of exuberance. “It’s like Coldplay on ecstasy.

Elation’s lyrics are ripe with irony “enough about me, what do you think of me?” and pure poetry “She moves in, she knows, she seduces then she goes, she’s elation. It comes again, it soars, it’s no shoulder to cry on.” You must see the gorgeous and sexy video (on HYIM’s website and other online stores to further appreciate the song. The song Elation is a flawless feather in the cap of HYIM’s catalogue of joyful, moving, meaningful, celebratory, beautiful, and captivating songs. –The boogie and the beautiful–he says.

Album Description:
Musically, Sex In The Morning is an unparalleled achievement illustrating an exceptional ability to fuse multiple and diverse popular music forms with a sensual theme, and catchy, dynamic, universal song-writing.

In reviews of HYIM’s previous two albums, comparisons have ranged from Peter Gabriel, Beck, Coldplay, The Fray, Ben Harper, Dave Matthews, Paul Simon and Norah Jones, to Sting, Manu Chao, and Bob Marley. Sex In The Morning features some of the top musicians of California, including four-time Grammy Award nominee John Santos.

Lyrically, Sex In The Morning is a profound masterpiece in its cutting edge, sensual and playful poetic exploration of the universal and personal sacred erotic. HYIM, dubbed the eclectic maestro, may just be carving out an evolutionary new pop/rock genre all his own with Sex In The Morning’s alchemy of musical styles and its amorous and evocative lyrical themes.

The album, Sex In The Morning, as a whole is upping the ante of popular music by a landslide through its lush, celebratory, sensual, and contortionistic genre-bending sonic experience that is truly unprecedented; not in musical scope nor lyrical mastery.

HYIM’s bio:
Born in San Francisco and raised in Oakland, California, HYIM is a highly praised, acclaimed singer, song-writer, producer, pianist, performer, poet, and activist. He is the next generation’s music “fusionisto.” HYIM began playing piano at the age of three, studied sitar in India, clave in Cuba, classical guitar in New Zealand, Turkish rhythms, Persian poetry, the Torah, and whom critics say has “the voice of a young Sting.” HYIM blends the rhythms of the world as chariots for his brilliant songs.

HYIM provided the score for the short film, “Two Birds,” directed by Juan Jose Rivera and winner of the San Francisco Latino Film Festival jury award for Best Emerging Latino Filmmaker 2006. Also in 2006, HYIM held a Five Day Fast and Chain Vigil for Peace and Education, calling into question the economic sense of investing in war as opposed to our children. In 2007, HYIM was invited to perform in Poland for the historic Memory and Tolerance event, and upon his return, he and his band played on the world famous Stern Grove Festival Stage in San Francisco. In 2007, HYIM continued to produce albums for other artists and write songs for his own upcoming albums in addition to touring. In 2008, HYIM scored a film for the United Nations about the World Heritage Sites and performed at a large charity event for children in Cali, Colombia. HYIM is now working on a number of production projects, film scores, and his own Collection of Ballads, Volume 1 due out in 2010, as well as performing. HYIM’s Sex In The Morning album will be released late summer 2009.
So, I am in the studio finishing the tracking and mixing the rest of the album. It will be done soon and the release will be later this Summer.

I look forward to seeing you all soon at a show, or drop me a line.

Big love to my good friends and family. Keep shining.


2009, Summer

Available on iTunes

*Hyim is a formidable talent…spellbinding.
–San Francisco Chronicle

*California Music Awards Nominee

*Yamaha Artist

*KFOG Local Scene Artist

*Pretty as hell, thoroughly uplifting.
–East Bay Express

*Hyim’s music holds a rare gravity, & it is clear that he possesses a grand vision.
–Relix Magazine

*This multi-talented singer-songwriter is a natural: original, honest, timeless.
–Owl Magazine

Please contact Linda Yelnick, manager, for info & booking: leahhaifa@gmail.com
(650) 692-1763