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Lyrics: Hyim and the Fat Foakland Orchestra

Sunny Day

One day I went outside and laid down on a dare
I didn’t realize how much fun it can be out there
Cuz it is so beautiful, there ain’t nothin’ for
me to do
Having hella fun with my folks under skies of blue
Cuz it is so beautiful
It is so beautiful
Come on come on!

All my folks out living life under the sultry and sensual
We were livin’ the good life, each and every one
Well some may say the world ain’t always sweet
But another part of me
Say who am I to say the world ain’t exactly the way
it’s supposed to be
Cuz it is so beautiful
It is so beautiful

And the sunny days come and go
Life is change the rainy days will only help us grow
You know we only want to be outside and play
Living lovin’ life out here in the sunny day

All my folks smiling in the light feeling fancy makes me
happy. True
We are living the good life rocking it with you
Cuz it is so beautiful
It is so beautiful

And the sunny days come and go
((ah you know they will))
Life is change the rainy days will only help us grow
((ah it’s such a thrill))
Well you know we only want to be outside and play
Living lovin’ life out here in the sunny day


Now this story is based on a true tail:
My Dog Izzy’s in the pen, indeed
They came and got my D.O.G. so:
My doggie dog is impounded
He’s in with the thug dogs hollerin’ rescue me

Gonna throw a dance party
I’m gonna raise bail
Tell me would you mambo for money for my D.O.G.?
Will ya mambo for money for Izzy?
Tell me will you mambo for money for my D.O.G.?
Will ya mambo for money for Izzy?

So this is what he did. Check it out:
My dog Izzy a few days ago,
Saw a cat across the way, so:
So he gave chase played cat-in-the-mouth
Are they gonna kill ‘im oh no


So if this should ever happen to you, this is what you can
do to get your boy out. This is what we did:
Visited my boy and brought ‘im treats, some eats
You know I fed ‘im through the bars
He was scared and clearly not sleepin’, so:
So we threw a Fat Foakland Party, freed ‘im


You are all invited to “Dance for Freedom” “Dance
for Freedom”
Just hang in there Izzy, we’re coming to get ya
All right, let’s go get ‘im
Tell me will ya mambo for money for my D.O.G.?
Will ya mambo for money for my D.O.G.?
Will ya mambo for money for my D.O.G.?
Mambo for money and set ‘im free


A boom boom boom a bang with your bang now
everybody wanna
come ‘n see Hy-dog do his thang.
So I rip it and I let
the drums rang.
Me and my Fat Foakland giddy-up gang.
to me, it’s evolutionary.

We are all part of this holy water.
You know it’s better
with a little love on.
Evolution. Evolution.

You know everybody wants a little peace.
I said it on my
last album a hundred times at least.
This ain’t no random
musings of the beast.
This is our future baby the world ain’t
on lease.
I know I know everybody tryin’.
We cryin’
and some are even dying.
We all part of this, even you.
be your highest self and to that stay (true).
For me, that’s


We all got Jedi Masters inside us. Messiahs and prophets,
oh each and everyone. So find out what is your gift. Call
with your drum and Blackberry and uplift. For me, it’s
all evolutionary. Don’t ya feel it? Do ya feel that
feelin’? Come on child let’s go and get this dance.
That’s existence. So go on and E.V.O.L.V.E. To me we
all evolutionary.


Our Evolution

Change A Come

Sometimes ya work it in
Sometimes ya work it out
Sometimes ya work it baby
Sometimes it gives ya something to be about

Change a come
That’s all it is
Change a come
In my warm arms and a moving breeze
Change a come
That’s all it is

Singing for the saints and cynics in my head
Laying to rest my need to know
That what I do
Will change the world
Cuz it already has, yeah
It already has


Dreaming of possible outcomes in hopeful hymns
Sometimes ya work it out, sometimes ya work it in
I don’t place all my hope in big hope
But I ballot punch and then I amp my vote
You know, I don’t lay all my hope in big vote
But I ballot punch and then I amp my hope
Rock the boat, and I call the quote, and I sing my note
Fast or slow…always:


These Are No Foolish Dreams

I appreciate your patience
A blind man still asks for change
A benefactor factors in news of nemesis,
A jester presides, but delivers kinda strange

Mi familia. Mi fiesta. This is your scene.

These are no foolish dreams

I appreciate your patience
No hurries means no worries for none
I appreciate your patience a ton
LA & NYC, Oaktown & Houston

Mi familia. Mi fiesta. Oh this your scene.


Stewardess gives me pillows for flight
We sprouted wings, oh
Imagine back & forth like a disco
Memphis & Frisco, DC & Chicago

Mi familia. Mi fiesta. Oh this your scene.


I Lay My Heart

Hey, you woman here, here with I now,
Can I sit and be with you?
I like to sit in your rose bush,
Peel back the thorns and we’ll ride
I know inside there is pain, but the flame can heal
That’s part of the deal
Tell me this can you feel?

Would you be love?
Would you be down?
Would you walk this road with me?
‘Cuz in you I’ve found
What this life means to me
And if you are down
I will simply hold you
I lay my heart,
I lay my heart on your ground

And one day I know, I know one day
One day you will be gone
We will both move on from here
But I’ll carry on as will you
Two boats at sea and two anchors
And a port called eternity


Hey, you woman here, here with I now
Can I sit and be with you?
I’d like to know your heart
My love speak your part and tell me,
Tell me


Speaking In Tongues

MMMM…Magnetic. Magnificent and electric.

Hands at the curve of the waist

The mango of your taste. My lips every place. Sweet anticipation.

Speaking in tongues on a Tuesday.
What better day for telling
tales as one.
Let this story shine awhile.
All without words
love, to you, I say “hello”

MMMMM….your frequency unforgotten

It’s coming from top to bottom. It’s your personal

It’s the rate your vibes shake. It’s your personal


MMNNo subtle stimulation. An ever-ready rhythmic relation.
Say what?

An ever-ready rhythmic relation, ah. It’s the mathematical

It’s the movement of your waist, the mango of your
taste. It’s the rate your hearts race.


Home Ain’t Always

Lonely days. Street Feet Melissa. Parents don’t even miss
her. She been gone for days on end. Belly baking. Baby due in
June, but she don’t want to go home, she don’t want
to go home. ‘Cuz home is where her head lies.

In the streets. People float by like butterflies in the wind.
Around the corner kids with kids.
Cuz home ain’t ain’t always where you like to
Cuz home ain’t ain’t always where you like to

Tyranny and Pain, they were a couple. Yeah it’s true
aye, yeah it’s true.
17 years old she was and he a little bit younger than she.
They were losing weight with their speed; fiberglass faces.


Lonely days. In our hearts again. Bleeding for the dream’s
sake, bleedin’ the dream. Pain was 11 years old when
he left and he ain’t goin’ back. Momma dog-beat
‘im, and father funny touched. 19 years old now, Pain
a train of survival. Stole food and runnin’ from cops
with new-born baby on his back.


Every time I walk outside I see my children there. It’s
such a shame to not be able to change this thing for which
I care. What can I do but sing that praise within my heart?
It’s that, that place my child baby you know we all
a part of the: this one-life living folks they living it every
day when the children rot they teeth out and doubting and
decay. It’s like: it’s hard to sleep when all
the rain soaks up my sleeping bag. Kings and Queens in gutters
baby you know we all been had. We suffer in every way so we
choose to eradicate the sound and crown our greed in glory.
This ain’t nothing new nor profound. So now: State Of
Emergency in Oakland and every town. Sending money for tsunami
relief but folks they living ‘round the corner. When
the rain comes you homeless’ so much harder. It populates
the prisons with ease, workers for free. It’s a by-product
of no love no love.

On The Line

She never heard the love from you
And she never saw the lies in you
Searching her lonely past for something to believe in

And while she stood and prayed to you
Her flowers began to change their hue
Her wrist is cut down
Her spirit is leaving

I could go on from here, but in my mind it seems so clear
It is our soul and our beauty on the line

He had a father whose days were few
Warnings should have been your cue
This child beaten to death by family ashes

Lord knows that we are all calling home
But we never wanted to be alone
This generation in pain
Is becoming mindful


I would like to see something better
I would like to know these dares worth taking
Go down Moses, set your mind free
Part your waters, let them wash over, over me


Treasures And Crocodiles (Ode To Capitalism)

The gold was hidden in the bog deep within the island’s
interior. As we circled the isle, look upon the king’s
map, “X” marks the spot here anchor we drop.

Out came the beast, they circled us ‘round. Only four
of us remained and we ran. Where there’s treasure, there’s
crocodiles, they’ll fill in the moat. Crocodiles, gold
coins, and a king. A king with a plan.

Captain gave the orders, map entrusted to me. Twelve men
ashore, we headed in with our backs to the sea. Forest became
swamp, water up to our waist. Suddenly men were being snatched
from beneath with haste. Oh there’s something under
the water. Ah, it was a slaughter.


Got back to the main boat, captain’s fury at me as
no treasure, no treasure did I bring. He said to me: “Boy,
ya better go back into that swamp, and this time bring that
gold for da king.”


When the captain gave that map back to me, I snatched it
out his hand, and I ripped it up, and I threw it into the
sea. Threw it into the sea. Insurgency. Insurgency.

Hyim’s Happy Birthday!

Birthday is an image of life. You living your life, you living
your life.
Birthday is an image of life. You living your life, you living
your life.

Today is your birthday and I can’t wait
I’m gonna throw a party, and invite your family friends
and mates

Life can be so good, almost feel like it was premeditated
Pat your self on the back my friend
We’re glad you were born and thrilled that ya made it

So let’s party and celebrate, and eat some cake!
We just wanted to let you know now. Everybody say:
Happy Birthday
It’s a beautiful day and we think that you’re
Happy Birthday
365 more days you’re alive
Happy Birthday
We just want to party with you

Feliz cumpleanos
Lo digo con mucho carino

Ven a pasar un tiempo con la familia

Tu has vivido –o—o—o
Un ano mas
D doy gracias a dios que me dio esta vida


Today is your birthday and I want to say:
That today is your day, you can have it your way

Today’s the day to rejoice what’s hapnin’
And for this special occasion Hy-dog is praisin’ and

It’s off the waller: every year your tree grows taller
Age is but a number so let’s hoot and a holler

Universal growth life-times parley
If life is a stage:
You rock the part that you play

Blessings, beats, and brations, aye!

Yo, us to you kid, you, Happy Birthday