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Lyrics: Let Out a Little Peace

Let Out a Little Peace

Who dies during cream and coffee
Two large bullets flying through the air
Bombs over an apple
Snapping our sense of security
Bringing humility to our hearts
It’s hard not to be so vengeful
But violence begets violence in the end, i say
Can you hear me?
An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth
We be walking into walls and not knowing who is speaking


Let out a little peace
Let out a little peace for our children to come
Let out a little peace for all the loved ones under the sun
Let out a little peace for all humanity and sentient beings
to come
Let out a little peace for one day, it may matter after all
Let out a little peace it don’t matter who you are just
Let out a little peace (if not now, when?)

Our pain is so deep
Our wounds so whole
This is our price for death is on the market place
The violence will not stop
Safety scarce as water
They say if you keep doing what you’ve been doing
You’ll keep getting what you’ve been getting

We are marching off to wars
Instead of moving towards the light
The light of justice, y el mundo
Who calls for more violence with so many in need?
Come on and


Breath by breath
You must create your peace
And we will create this peace
One by one
Accept our grief without vengeance
And let this cycle cease

They say if you keep doing what you’ve been doing
You’ll keep getting what you’ve been getting
We are marching off to wars
Instead of moving towards the light
The light of justice, y el mundo
Who calls for more violence with so many in need?

Microphone Preacher

I heard you red, read sweet love poetry
The kind you take home at night
Leopard skin, a soft melody
You spoke to me
For that moment I was free


Microphone preacher
I write your name
Curved formed and flowered
With needle and ink
I pray to see you
In love with your sun
“Red” like the one
I write your name on my thumb

I’ve already shared all my thoughts with you openly
A million and one times in my mind
Your words still keep me company
Your lips impart wine
A tonic keeping me cool
And I suppose that I’m a fool to even believe
That you’d ever think me fine
But I know time has a way of winding our roads
Perhaps my road you’ll find
And fly hy’s way


Well this song’s meant to respond to one woman’s words
I wonder if she knows
I wonder if you know I am so tenderly
Tenderly waiting for you
Too shy to look your way
And it hurts to hear your words of your past miseries
I ache to rub your bruised bones, and learn of your truth
Your light shines constellation, and you have mad sex appeal
Can you feel Where I am coming from?


Let Me Go

I got this lovely lady.
She is so fly.
She’s like the most beautiful child
And she won’t let me go.
Oh yes I am so sprung .
She’s the original one.
I just wanted to let you know
That she won’t let me go.
So don’t ask…

…why won’t she let
me go?Yes, you know I get this way sometimes

I’m just so romantic.
It’s just the way that I am.
There’s nothing I can do about it.
She is so damn cool.
She’s got her hooks in me.
She’s like the crooks in the night.
She took the heart right out of me.




Do Your Own Thing

I get it most when the fool lugs you
Every day when you come alive
Shoe them shoes
Shine them right
If you do em then you see em in the light
You got, more than one when ya to get high
Basic boys when ya foolin with the sky
Ya got the Hy with the rose, the booze and the toes
If ya gonna do it then ya put it under ya clothes
Cuz ya go outside and you just play the game
You go outside and you give em up ya name
Ya say “Hi,” my name is “Hy,”
I like to do it so then I touch the sky


Everybody do your own thing
Everybody wont you come and see
Everybody do your own thing
Everybody, yes you and me

When I would loose
When I get chance
When I’m big boys
And a funeral with my dance
And that is do it with your lovin like me
I do it course and the boys love an M.C.
And if you do then you just play bliss
If you do it then you do not get your pist
If you get your pistol then BANG BANG BANG
They gonna close up the clubs and we have no place to hang
I said a boom with your boom, go on with your bang
If you wanna duel then we do our own thing
But don’t bring you your little rude attitude
If you gonna melt them in the water then you’ll be like
Ice Cube


I get my boys when I come out to play
I like to do it so we play with you today
We get the bass and then we bumble with the right
We love to do it till the morning twilight
We get a boom boom boom, a hochie coochie woo
If you gonna do it you know who I’m talking to
Cuz I’m talking to the people who’ll leave the club
Not to be known in the beginning by the folks whose hair is
hella curly
And like the boys with the boom boom bang
If you wanna duel then we’ll do our own thang
If you like to get it and you given off the love and then you’ll
know just exactly who I’m thinking of…


and we out. (ye, haw)

It’s So Pathetic

To the ancestors come what may down the road on the road come
for the reign. For those yet to come down here.

Come the new day. Yes what you have seen. Yes it is the unspoken
dream for you. She never knew exactly what came here around.
Listening to the butter sound of fools eaten like suckas.

Oh it’s so pathetic. The prophetic ones. Burned, busted,
broken, beaten blue, banished, or buttered up.

Oh it’s so pathetic. Oh who would go there? Come again.
Maybe you would ever go down to my day. Who stands upon there
heals and falls down the hill? Down there with Jane styles.
Breaking open like chaos. Who’s the boss? It’s so

Dear the lord, come to the world and beam them rosy coming with
age. She don’t know. Where she go from here.

It’s so pathetic. The prophetic ones. Burned, busted,
broken, beaten blue, banished, or buttered. Just for fun. Goes
the sun.

It’s so pathetic.

Tell me, where are the prophetic ones? Heal the road. Rise again.
Be the reign. Be the bomb. Throwing off the confusion. Perhaps
they’re just praying. And there have been so many for the prophet speaks within. Reflecting all in
stereo realm. Or whatever helm. I’m done. In your heart.
In your soul. Forever.

Here in Babylon

I did say:
Our sadistic and violent ways
It is our Ps and Qs.
These blues go blood red
It’s already been said
Never know what you’ll come upon
Here in babylon

Cuz its cool cats cradling in Egypt’s land
Watching angels fall
Like the devil’s plan
It is the third eye’s prize
From this native land
From where ever ya from
Doin what ever ya can

I did hear
Ain’t nobody goin home
It is a great and terrible day
When Eljah came through
What did he say to you?
Here, here in babylon


And no matter where you are, you’re here.
A town with a circle of lights
And people running from everywhere
Just to love you now.
I did say:
Every day is judgement day
Yes, angels do get down.
You can see them all around.
Ah it’s already be said.
You never know what you’ll come upon,
Here in babylon


Puff Puff Pass

And I have looked
And I have worked so hard for this day
Well have you seen your mother
Ever hold the sun
Smiling oh so brightly?
I would never say there’s such a
Beautiful everything
Everything as this
It could hold again
Looking to live homely
Homely eyes again

Standing on my sun
Looking into the earth I see
So many people running round
Looking for the head.
And who is leading things?
Oh we got islands that are slipping into the see.
And I heard rumors, that California,
In twenty years or so may be gone
Covered under water gone.
And you would see how much we should be done
Looking for the run
Welcome to your…

Puff Puff Pass, Puff Puff Pass
Pass the torch along, it’s like
Welcome to your Garden of Eden
Puff Puff Pass

Looking outside I can see all the babies play
Throwing the ball back and forth
Shooting the dice and hop scot scotch
Hopping around with the hip-hop
Look and sing
Loving life
Oh they are shining light but they asking for the folks.
To be standing upon your heart and let you see
Let us see the light cuz you might be just shinning.
And they might need you.
“Welcome home,” said
the little baby girl.
Momma’s got a little something for you.
Cuz when momma gets taken,
Taken for granted,
Oh things will go, things will go down down


Musings of the Beast

Oh where does it all go?
Where is the beauty in the end, lord?
Why does it seem like some fools get over
And they will not pretend?

Why does the mountain weep down rain?
What is the meaning to all the noise?
If you keep speaking like that fool
You will wish I thought you was just another boy.

Who do you think we are?
You think we’re that foolish not to care no more?
Well I’ve been beating the walls here in my cavern
And think I cannot stay in any more.

Between chaos and peace
These are the musings of the beast
Between chaos and peace
These are the musings of the beast

What does it all mean anyway?
In the end the world will still twirl.
If you think about it, eternal time gives meaning to this, and
nothing more.
I want to know why. I want to know what man makes this world
Well all I want to know my dear ones is if you can be cool,
keep on the groove.
I mean they’re talking about dropping bombs.
The kind that blow up fucking galaxies, ohhh.
I mean man not in my name,
If I ever heard of something that ain’t standing for me!



A strategy. For those who have heart. Beginning. With the start.
No need to worry. Discipline is an art.

(Chorus) Surrender. Surrender your fear. Surrender your love.
Surrender your mind, yes you. Yes you.

Shape this freedom. The space around you oh. Seconds opportunity.
No need waiting. Unity of mind, body, and spirit. Do you feel


A strategy. Beginning. No need to hurry. Alive, awake and unworried.


Beginning. With the start.

What Do You Say?

So she calls.
Two times, just to hear your voice.
“Hello” do
you say?
What is a life, hey?
What is to be alive today, what is life,
And what is the price you’ve made?
Ah, tell me now,
Who do we really know?
What does mean to be, hear?
Oh life, here in these open arms.
Hey now. Lalalala.

So I stand.
Tall as open arms can be,
Hear today?
Only once.
Do I see these open rings.
Cuz nobody wants to change.

But do you hear me?
I said mother earth is crying
And nobody hears a murmur.
And nobody wants to change.
But I say, if we do not change
Other things will.

One day I came across this
Beautiful child named Iris.
She would smile so lovely
All the world would come around.
Seems like days
Since I have ever seen such beauty.

Will we go on?
Like these ever terrestrial rains.
As we feed our self the grain
Of a mother,
I swear, she is crying.
Its time for us to change our ways.

You Are Forgiven

Hey man have you seen Jesus?
I hear you’ve been looking long.
Hey man are you gonna leave us?
We were hoping you’d finish this song.
Well it seems that you have been so hard on yourself.
When you live right, you will do wrong.

You are forgiven.
You are forgiven.

Hey woman have you seen Miriam?
Loving yourself it’s hard to get the knack.
She was so scared. Seeing truth all around.
Yeah, there are times it is a load upon your back.
Well some may say “hold on.”
We my friend sometimes you gotta let it go.


Angel Ronnie

Tell me my friend, how is it to be there?
How is to be cold, oh so cold?
I imagine you don’t care, not any more.
You don’t care,
Well at least I hope you don’t give a damn anymore,
Now that your on the other side of the world


Have you ever known an angel, like
Angel Ronnie
Give our best to them all,
Angel Ronnie
Say “hello” to my father,
Angel Ronnie
We will all be with you someday soon
Angel Ronnie

Sometimes I don’t know
If that’s you speaking to me in my dreams
This memory is
Alive in me.
I would have liked to have known you so much better.
I heard you were a charmer of kings and commoners alike.
Impish smile.
Kindness to each and every, every one of us.


We will be there with you someday soon
And you know what he’d say?
“Take your time.”

…be at home, Angel Ronnie.