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Lyrics: Love Songs in Times of War


Hey, you woman here, here with I now,
Can I sit and be with you?
I like to sit in your rose bush,
Peel back the thorns and we’ll ride.
I know inside there is pain, but the flame can heal
That’s part of the deal
Tell me this can you feel?
(((Chorus))) Would you be love?
Would you be down?
Would you walk this road with me?
‘Cuz in you I’ve found
What this life means to me
And if you are down
I will simply hold you
I lay my heart,
I lay my heart on your ground

And one day I know, I know one day
One day you will be gone
We will both move on from here
But I’ll carry on as will you
Two boats at sea and two anchors
And a port called eternity

Hey, you woman here, here with I now
Can I sit and be with you?
’d like to know your heart
My love speak your part and tell me, Tell me

2. Sing This For You

If I had heaven, I’d bring it for you.
If I were water, I would nourish you.
If I could open, I would adore you.
And if I could sing, I’d sing this for you.

If I were a color, I would paint for you.
If I were a dancer, I would move for you.
If I were a melody, I would play with you.
Yes, if I could sing, I’d sing this for you.

If I had hands, I would carry you.
If I could pray, I’d speak poetry for you.
If I had a home, I would shelter you.
If I could sing, I’d sing this for you.
I’d sing this for you.


I have, books full
of poetry for you
inside my heart.
Ten thousands of words,
millions of letters perhaps. I’ve lost count now.
Your hands. Bring dreams
of colors and characters
come to be set free.
Your art, like the stars in your skin: a constellation, angels on ecstasy.
These words are yours,
these sonnets and stanzas,
these pictures of metaphors and soliloquies.
Yet let me offer you something, closer to the truth,
which all these words try yet barely say.
A way to paint you the vision I hold in my heart that is you–so you can see what I see—
I see how truly exquisitely your spirit shines.
Your poetry. Ten thousands of words.
Coming through me.
Ten thousands of words. I gave these words musical wings.
Ten thousands of words. Hy ‘n free like birds.
Ten thousands of words. I let them fly for you to see.
Ten thousands of words. Coming through me, like:
Ten thousands of birds. Flying through me.
10 10 10 thousands of words. Like ten thousands of birds.
I gave these words musical wings
I let them fly for you to see.
Coming through me.


One day I came home
It was like heaven falling through hell.
I called your name: Sweet Simone…pray tell.
For she loved me.
Like I never been loved before.
I called your name
As you walked out the door.
((CHORUS)) Sweet simone
Making music and love in our home

That day I knew
You said it loud a clear.
Tired of my foolish ways
“No more lies” said my dear.
For she loved me.
Like I’ve never been loved before.
You did not turn around.
You told me to call you no more.

We used to laugh and sing
Oh dance and play
Whisper devotion in between

Yet I did not play fair.
But that was not me.
That was someone else
flying Hy in the air (((CHORUS))
Sweetly singing Simone ‘s song.



The wave has come around one more time.
I want to ride that wave inside.
I want to do with you as light does with a rose.

(Chorus) Over and over, over and over
Breathe me in. Saying: Again

I want you to swallow me as when yellow blends with blue
I caress you with my eyes of green, baring fruit for you.
Your eyes are the rooms within which I surrender myself to.

I would never take what is not mine.
Without you first wanting me too.
So I ask you, I tell you, be sure you know. I say I say:
To swim within your skin, your warm waters I could bathe in…



All folks come. All folks go.
Every wave returns from the shore.
It is for those we have loved and lost that I sing this song
We keep your memory strong.
As you move on.
…ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

I’ll be there with you.
I know you can feel it.
Watching over you.
Giving all the love I have to give you now.
Giving all the love I wish I could give you now.

Gravestones, flowers, dark suits, sunglasses and tears.
All those we love—
pass on through the years.
Our body is simply a host.
It is our spirit to which our kin will toast.
And as I look down now and sing this to you.
When you think of me that’s when you…know.

Oh..I’ll be there with you.
I’ll be there in spirit, spirit.
Giving all the love I wish I could give you now.
I know I can feel it, feel it. Feel it…
Watching over me…watching over you.

Your memory will live on in me now…


Hey man heard ya been looking for G*d.
Yeah I know you’ve been looking long.
Hey man are you gonna leave us?
We were hoping you’d finish this song.
Well it seems that you have been so hard on yourself.
When you live right, you will do wrong.

You are forgiven.
You are forgiven.

Hey woman have you seen Miriam?
Loving yourself it’s hard to get the knack.
We get so scared. Seeing truth all around.
Yeah, there are times it is a load upon your back.
Well some may say “hold on.”
We my friend sometimes you gotta let it go.




In the living room.
Mamma sat me down.
Mamma told me, said I’m so sorry.
Her lips were trembling then…
She said: a man shot your dad, he brought your daddy down.
Tears fall….

It’s just another violent affair.
Bullets flying through the air.
Anger and a gun.
And he’s gone
Another fatherless son.

He loved to hear me play…
Listening he once cried and told me: Boy keep playin’ on.
So that’s what I’ve done.



Oh where does it all go?
Where is the beauty in the end, lord?
Why does it seem like some fools get over
And they will not pretend?

Why does the mountain weep down rain?
What is the meaning to all the noise?
If you keep speaking like that fool
You will wish I thought you was just another boy.

Who do you think we are?
You think we’re that foolish not to care no more?
Well I’ve been beating the walls here in my cavern
And think I cannot stay in any more.

Between chaos and peace
These are the musings of the beast
Between chaos and peace
These are the musings of the beast

What does it all mean anyway?
In the end the world will still twirl.
If you think about it, eternal time gives meaning to this, and nothing more.
I want to know why. I want to know what man makes this world move.
Well all I want to know my dear ones is if you can be cool, keep on the groove.
I mean they’re talking about dropping bombs.
The kind that blow up f–king galaxies, ohhh.
I mean man not in my name,
If I ever heard of something that ain’t standing for me!